Prevent the Bite

The Mosquito Control Division of Harris County Health has enhanced its security procedures for our nighttime spray truck operations and storage facility.

All ULV spray trucks are constantly monitored via radio with communication codes to ensure that only authorized personnel operate our spray trucks. Each ULV spray truck is visually inspected and inventoried daily for signs of tampering. When our ULV spray trucks are not in use, essential components needed to operate the spray unit are removed. The spray unit will not function without these components. These components are stored in a secure area that is monitored by the security section of Facilities and Property Management of Harris County.

The Mosquito Control Division continues to evaluate these security procedures and works closely with law enforcement when necessary.

Mosquito Control Education Programs

HCPH Mosquito Control provides FREE education and outreach services to area school districts, libraries, civic associations , community groups and other Harris County community members.

Community Prevention Presentations

A Mosquito Control representative will speak to your civic association or community group about mosquitoes, the role of the HCPH Mosquito Control in controlling disease-carrying mosquitoes, provide helpful tips on mosquito development site reduction, and effective personal protective measures against biting mosquitoes.

For more information contact:

Harris County Public Health
Mosquito & Vector Control Division 
3330 Old Spanish Trail, Bldg. D
Houston, Texas 77021 
Phone: (713) 440-4800
Fax: (713) 440-4795

To schedule an education program, please contact the Education/Training Office by phone at (832) 671-1918 or by email.   

Mosquito & Vector Borne Resources

Harris County Public Health reminds you to protect yourself and your loved ones by following these simple steps:

  • Reduce mosquito breeding sites around your home by emptying, removing, or covering any water-holding containers.
  • Use an EPA-registered insect repellent when outdoors.
  • If possible, wear light-colored clothing, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and socks.

Check the links below for prevention tips, mosquito-borne disease information, and other resources. Visit our live maps for current mosquito-borne disease and treatment activities in Harris County.

Mosquito Prevention Toolkit

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Repellent Card

English Spanish

Pollinator Health & Mosquito Control

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Around Your Home

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House Card

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For Kids

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Mosquito Crossword Puzzle

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Prevent The Bite Bookmark (formatted to print 5 bookmarkers per page)

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Mosquito Coloring Sheet

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Other Resources

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St. Louis Encephalitis (CDC)

Insect Repellent Use and Safety

Zika Virus (CDC)

Misting Systems

West Nile Virus (CDC)

West Nile Virus (DSHS)

Tip, Toss, Take Action

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Tip, Toss, Take Action

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