Infrastructure Assessment Tool

The Infrastructure Assessment Tool (IAT), formerly the Environmental Scan Tool (EST), was developed in 2015 to inform the Health Impact Assessments and Health Impact Reviews conducted by the BE Unit. The IAT was adapted from validated, paper-based walkability audits and developed into an online platform to collect data on pedestrian, bicycle, and road infrastructure. The tool collects detailed information on sidewalk availability, sidewalk conditions, bicycle infrastructure, drainage, land use and other environmental conditions that influence active transportation. GPS coordinates map street elements and traffic control devices, such as pedestrian crossing signals, school zones, and ADA ramps. The tool was updated in 2020 and 2022 to include additional infrastructure and drainage questions and mapped elements.

Data from the IAT can be layered with pedestrian and bicyclist crash data, demographic data, or other data from community engagement. The IAT has been used in HIA/HIRs conducted by the BE Unit has conducted, has informed Safe Routes to School and Safe Routes to Parks plans, and is integrated into climate and resilience strategies.

The map below depicts the pedestrian and bike infrastructure collected by the BE Unit since 2015.

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