Appointments & WIC Forms

Depending on what your needs are, there are different appointments within the WIC program. A full certification of eligibility is performed at the first appointment. Please refer to the categories below.

Certification Appointment

If this is your first time applying for WIC, you will need to have a certification appointment. Please review and complete the forms below. *Other Financial Forms may be required.

Title Documents

Statement of Farm/Self Employed (WIC32)

English Spanish

WIC Self-Declaration Form for Identification, Residency, Zero-Income, and Proof of Income (Homeless)

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What to bring

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WIC Assistance Verification Form

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Employment Verification Form (19B)

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Children's Mid-certification Appointment

This appointment is to follow up with a nutritionist for your children aged one - four.

  • WIC Card
  • Immunization Record
  • Child

Nutrition Education Class

At this appointment, your WIC card can be reloaded with more food benefits. This class can be completed online before your appointment at

Appointment with a WIC Registered Dietitian

  • For the appointment with the Registered Dietitian bring your WIC card and the child or the adult for whom the appointment is scheduled for.

You can request an appointment with a WIC Registered Dietitian for guidance on nutrition-related concerns and health conditions.

  • Child or Client Appointment is For
  • Any information you would like to share with the Registered Dietitian

Other Appointments

  • Breastfeeding - please call the appointment line or Breastfeeding Helpline at 713.407.5898.
  • Formula Information:
    • If your baby has been placed on a formula, be sure to contact the WIC Appointment Line for specific instructions before you come to this appointment
    • WIC may be able to provide formulas for children or women based on medical need

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.