Smile Savers Services

Smile Saver Services is a two-part program: Smile Saver Container Program and Super Smile Savers Program. The Smile Saver Container Program promotes the importance of oral health through outreach and education. The Super Smile Savers Program delivers preventive dental services to children at schools and underserved communities throughout Harris County.

Oral health education

Oral health education and preventive dental services help support healthy habits, decay prevention, and long lasting changes that improve overall health. We believe the keys to good oral health are:

  • Age specific preventive messages for participants. 
  • Involvement of strong role models (teachers, school nurses and local dental professionals) to help deliver oral health messaging. 
  • Parents as partners in oral health prevention.
  • Regular dental visits that include preventive services, nutritional guidance and oral hygiene education.

Smile Saver Container Program

Our Smile Saver Container Program is staffed by Dental Hygienists who work directly with school nurses to educate, inform, and bring awareness to the importance of oral health. They supply the school nurses with oral health education resources such as dental clinic referrals and toothbrushes. Our free program also provides oral health classes in person or virtually.

Program Components

The program name developed from the actual “Smile Saver Containers” that we provide to the schools at no charge. These containers contain an oral health curriculum that may be used by the school to provide oral health education. These containers include: 

  • Onsite nurse consultations
  • Participation in school health fair, parent meetings, and career days
  • Providing toothbrushes to the school
  • Promotion of school-wide oral health education presentations

In addition to the invaluable Smile Saver Containers, participating schools receive:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Tooth Saver Necklaces
  • Oral health education for the entire school by HCPH Dental Hygienists

Our Program In Action

Super Smile Savers Program

The Super Smile Savers Program aims to reduce the prevalence of dental caries in Harris County by providing preventive care in the form of oral health education, oral assessments, fluoride varnish applications and referrals as needed. We believe providing education to prevent disease development is a greater public service than simply treating oral disease once it presents itself. The strength of the program lies in its preventive approach to dental health, along with age-specific oral health education to develop healthy habits early on. Our first school-based events began in October 2014. To date, thousands of underserved children in Harris County have benefited from our preventive dental services at no cost to their families or schools.

Treatment is good. Prevention is better. Early prevention is best.

Program Components

  • Dental Health Promotion (Pre-K to 5th Grade) - Preventive oral health education is delivered to students to enhance their understanding of how to care for their teeth and also reinforce positive and sustainable dental health practices.
  • Early Preventive Care (6 months to 6 years) - Oral health assessments and fluoride varnish applications are provided to consented students by a Registered Dental Hygienist.
  • Referrals and Case Management - Students who receive early preventive care will be sent home with a copy of their assessment form and a referral if needed. Patient navigation and case management are offered to those who need assistance accessing additional dental services.

Eligibility Requirements

The preventive dental services provided by this program are free. For children to be eligible to receive these services, the following requirements should be met:

  • Enrolled with a partnering school district, school, and/or agency. 
  • Provide a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. 

Our Partners

Our program would not be possible without a collaborative effort between the Super Smile Savers Program and the schools throughout Harris County that participate in our program. The preventive dental services are conveniently provided on the campuses of participating schools. For children to be eligible to receive the free services, they only need to have a signed consent form.

Some of the school districts, schools, and agencies we have partnered with include:

  • Aldine ISD
  • Spring Branch ISD 
  • Channelview ISD
  • Harris County Department of Education Head Starts 
  • Cy-Fair ISD 
  • Pasadena ISD 
  • Sheldon ISD 
  • Alief Montessori Community School
  • Radack Community Center
  • Bayland Community Center
  • Ronald McDonald House

Our Program In Action