Built Environment Resources

Fenced-in old, deserted building fronts

The following resources employ a variety of strategies to promote health and reduce inequalities in the built environment. They can be used to inform potential recommendations.

Houston Complete Streets
In response to a mayoral executive order, the Houston Complete Streets and Transportation Plan aims to create walkable and bike-friendly neighborhoods through changes in design guidance and processes.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)
SRTS is a national initiative to improve the safety, accessibility, and environment surrounding schools by encouraging active transport and increased connectivity.

Tactical Urbanism
The Streets Plans Collaborative published a collection of short-term, local strategies typically used to instigate change in the urban environment.

Crash Modification Factors (CMF) Clearinghouse
CMFs are multiplicative factors used to estimate the reduction in crashes by implementing a change in the roadway.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Implementing CPTED involves changing the physical environment to deter criminal activity by way of increased natural surveillance, access control, and territorial reinforcement.

Healthy Food Access
Healthy Food Access supports bringing healthy foods to corner stores where fresh produce is uncommon and options are limited.