COVID-19 Community Levels


Harris County COVID-19 Community Levels

Harris County Public Health has adopted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 community levels system. COVID-19 Community Levels help individuals and communities decide which prevention actions to take based on the latest information.

Each level helps convey how much COVID-19 is impacting your community using data on hospitalizations and cases. Using this data, communities are classified as low, medium, or high. For each level, CDC recommends actions you can take to help you protect yourself and others from the severe impacts of COVID-19.

To see the latest Harris County Public Health COVID-19 data, visit our Harris County Public Health Dashboard.

Current COVID-19 Community Level

COVID 19 Community Level Medium

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For more information and updates, refer to the COVID-19 community-level resources on the COVID-19 Data Hub.

Community Levels Explained

Harris County's COVID-19 Community Levels are separated into three categories which include low, medium and high. For a complete list of levels and more detailed descriptions of each level, visit our HCPH COVID-19 Dashboard.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit the Ready Harris website.