Dead Bird Reporting


Dead Bird Reporting

Contact the HCPH Mosquito and Vector Control Bird Hotline at (713) 440-3036 or use this form to report a dead bird.

Please note: Dead birds must meet testing criteria. Dead birds (dead for less than one day, no signs of trauma and no ants or maggots) being submitted for testing for West Nile virus will be accepted at HCPH Mosquito and Vector Control, Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm.

HCPH Mosquito and Vector Control Division is located at 3330 Old Spanish Trail (OST), Houston, Texas 77021 Southeast corner of Hwy 288 and OST, (Building D)

Please use the OST entrance (front gate) which is only accessible to eastbound OST and northbound Hwy. 288 feeder traffic.

For those unable to drop off dead birds, HCPH Mosquito and Vector Control Division will pick up all testable dead birds, regardless of species, from all areas of Harris County.

If the bird cannot be reported or picked up right away, wear gloves to double-bag the bird and place it in a refrigerator or ice chest that is not used for food. If that is not possible, wear gloves to double-bag the bird and cover it with ice until it is picked up.

If testing is not required, wear gloves to double-bag the dead bird and dispose of it in the trash.

Wild birds may carry diseases that are contagious to humans. Therefore, only by using appropriate precautions should people handle sick, injured or dead wildlife. Window and domestic cat-kills are still the main cause of bird deaths around our homes and communities.

Although test results will not be provided to individuals submitting dead birds, the efforts to report them for testing are an important part of West Nile virus surveillance in our community. Information on birds testing positive for the virus will be available on our website.

For more information contact:
Harris County Public Health
Mosquito and Vector Control Division 

3330 Old Spanish Trail, Bldg. D, Houston, Texas 77021 
Phone: (713) 440-4800
Fax: (713) 440-4795
Dead Bird Hotline:
(713) 440-3036