WIC Appointments

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WIC Appointment Line - 713.407.5800

Depending on what your needs are, there are different appointments within the WIC program. A full certification of eligibility is performed at the first appointment. Please refer to the categories below.

Bring the following items for the appointment that applies to you:

Certification Appointment

If this is your first time applying for WIC, you will need to have a certification appointment. Please review and complete the forms below.

What to bring: English | Spanish | Vietnamese

*Other Financial Forms may be required.

  • WIC Self-Declaration Form for Identification, Residency, Zero-Income, and Proof of Income (Homeless) 
    English | Spanish
  • WIC Assistance Verification Form English | Spanish
  • Employment Verification Form (19B)  English | Spanish
  • Statement of Farm/Self Employed (WIC32) English | Spanish

Children's Mid-certification Appointment

This appointment is to follow up with a nutritionist for your children aged one - four.

  • WIC Card
  • Immunization Record
  • Child

Nutrition Education Class

At this appointment, your WIC card can be reloaded with more food benefits. This class can be completed online before your appointment at TexasWIC.org

Appointment with a WIC Registered Dietitian

  • For the appointment with the Registered Dietitian bring your WIC card and the child or the adult for whom the appointment is scheduled for.

You can request an appointment with a WIC Registered Dietitian for guidance on nutrition-related concerns and health conditions.

  • Child or Client Appointment is For
  • Any information you would like to share with the Registered Dietitian

Other Appointments

  • Breastfeeding - please call the appointment line or Breastfeeding Helpline at 713.407.5898.
  • Formula Information:
    • If your baby has been placed on a formula, be sure to contact the WIC Appointment Line for specific instructions before you come to this appointment
    • WIC may be able to provide formulas for children or women based on medical need

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.