Smile Saver Services


Smile Saver Services is a two-part program: Smile Saver Container Program and Super Smile Savers Program. The Smile Saver Container Program promotes the importance of oral health through outreach and education. The Super Smile Savers Program mobile dental clinics deliver preventive dental services. Both programs work with children at schools and underserved communities throughout Harris County.

Oral health education and preventive dental services help support healthy habits, decay prevention, and long lasting changes that improve overall health. We believe the keys to good oral health are: 

  • Age specific preventive messages for participants. 
  • Involvement of strong role models (teachers, school nurses and local dental professionals) to help deliver oral health messaging. 
  • Parents as partners in oral health prevention.
  • Regular dental visits that include preventive services, nutritional guidance and oral hygiene education.

Smile Saver Container Program

Our Smile Saver Container Program is staffed by Dental Hygienists who work directly with school nurses to educate, inform and bring awareness to the importance of oral health. Learn more about this program here.

Super Smile Saver Program

The Super Smile Savers Program aims to reduce the prevalence of dental caries in Harris County by providing preventive care in the form of oral health education, oral assessments, fluoride varnish applications and referrals as needed. Learn more about this program here.

Educational Resources

Find more education resources here.