Helpful Links
General Information:

The "Blue Book Resource Guide" published by the Ryan White Planning Council provides information about HIV/AIDS services, programs, testing sites,service providers, eligibility requirements, Ryan White registration sites, and service specific resources. The Blue Book is available free of charge from the Ryan White Planning Council Office of Support or it may be downloaded from their website.

A list of local HIV Case Management Providers in the Houston area can be obtained at Houston EMA HIV Case Management Personnel.

Additional Resources:

The Houston Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) Ryan White Planning Council (RWPC)

  • Includes links to the Planning Council’s Office of Support, the Blue Book Resource Guide, the Comprehensive Plan for HIV Services for the Houston Area through December 2008 and the Houston EMA/HSDA 2008 Comprehensive Needs Assessment.

The U.S. Government HIV/AIDS Information

  • Includes Information from the Federal government about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, treatment, research, and using new media in response to HIV/AIDS.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau

  • Includes general information about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006.

Harris County Purchasing Agent

  • Includes Ryan White Part A Request for Proposals during applicable bidding periods

The Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group, Inc.

  • Includes information about Ryan White Part B, C, D and TDSHS State Services funds in the Houston HIV Service Delivery Area (HSDA)

The TARGET Center - TARGET stands for Technical Assistance Resources, Guidance, Education & Training.

  • The TARGET Center Web site is the central source of technical assistance (TA) and training resources for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.