The CPCDMS Section of Ryan White Grant Administration oversees the Centralized Patient Care Data Management System, a real-time, de-identified client-level computer database application that allows Part A-funded providers and other users in the EMA to share client eligibility information and document service delivery while maintaining client confidentiality.

Service providers enter registration, service encounter and medical update information for each client into the CPCDMS. Client information collected includes demographic, co-morbidity, biological marker, mortality and service utilization data. Since its inception in June 2000, over 10,000 clients have been registered in the CPCDMS.

The CPCDMS has streamlined the client eligibility process: once a client has registered, they need only to present identification and proof of HIV status in order to access other Part A services. The data system also automates many administrative functions by enabling sub contractors to back up monthly billing and to print required fiscal and programmatic reports at the touch of a button. In addition, the CPCDMS has been the foundation upon which evaluation and quality management activities in the EMA were built.

Client Consents
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Consent for Transfer and Release/Exchange of Information (Instructions)
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Consent to Verify Eligibility for Services (Instructions)
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