Mobile Health Village


What is a Mobile Health Village?

A Mobile Health Village is a “pop-up” mobile experience where Harris County residents of all ages benefit from HCPH’s extensive health education and wellness services. From playing interactive virtual games, to seeing foster-ready pets, to shopping at the farmer’s market, to receiving free medical or dental checkups, you and your family can enjoy a day of fun and healthy activities.

Taking Public Health to the Public

A Mobile Health Village comprise seven highly interactive, state-of-the-art mobile units, each providing specific HCPH services to the community. The Village travels throughout unincorporated Harris County (outside the City of Houston) to serve families in need. It is our way of extending a helping hand -- closer to your home.

Our Mobile Health Village visits different communities in Harris County throughout the year

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Mobile Response at Galena Park

Meet the Seven Mobile Units

Mobile Med Clinic

  • 2 fully-equipped exam rooms
  • 2 blood draw chairs
  • Microscopes with 40x-2000x magnification
  • Reception area
  • Bathroom to collect samples for urology testing
  • Refrigerators for storing vaccines

Mobile Smile Clinic

  • 2 fully-equipped dental operatories
  • 2 full size dental chairs with all accessories to perform clinical dental services (fillings, cleanings, extractions, sealants)
  • Reception area
  • 40” Samsung TVs in each operatory to display x-rays, dental chart and oral health education videos

Virtual Response Unit

  • 2 virtual reality rooms inside
  • 3 gaming screens outside
  • Choice of multiple virtual experiences to promote fitness and mental wellness
  • Generator that provides energy for a couple of days

Pet Adoptions and Wellness Mobile Unit


  • 24 holding pens
  • Grooming tub with water heater
  • Separate, enclosed ‘get acquainted’ area
  • Climate-controlled
  • Interior sound system
  • Refrigerator for pet foods and supplies
  • Extending canopy for sunny days and rain coverage
  • Roll-up window covers allow people to see animals inside

Mosquito and Vector Exploration Center

  • Unit created with the help of the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Hatcheries display live mosquito larvae for visitors to observe
  • Digital microscopes provide an up-close-and-personal encounter with mosquitoes, kissing bugs and other vectors
  • Touch screens jam-packed with fun facts and activities for interactive learning
  • Displays and videos demonstrating how HCPH’s MVCD protects residents via trapping and testing

Environmental Public Health Mobile Unit

  • Completely climate controlled
  • Microphone and mounted speakers onboard for audio during demonstrations
  • Four displays with monitors and information
  • Hard-wired range and ventilation hood
  • Prep table
  • Three-compartment sink
  • Smoke detector

Mobile Market Unit

  • Farmers-market-style shelving to display food 
  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Commercial freezer
  • Deep sink for washing produce
  • Side table for food prep

We provide materials, speakers, preventative health and education for community events. Our mobile units are strictly manned by our HCPH staff and available only in select events based on space, location and size. Please contact us in advance to check on availability of our units.