Mobile Units Renewal
All Mobile Food Unit permitting inspections will temporarily be held at IT May Park, located at 2100 Wolf Road, Huffman, TX 77336. For more information please call 713-274-6300.

A Mobile Food Unit (MFU) is a self-contained, movable food establishment that serves or sells food to a person and can be either a trailer, truck, or pushcart. MFU permits are only issued at the EPH office to observe mobility and functionality of the unit. To minimize wait time, email [email protected] to request an inspection appointment and submit the required documentation. 

To renew a permit for a MFU with the same owner as the prior year, follow these steps:

  1. Request an Inspection Appointment - email [email protected] to request an inspection appointment and submit the required documentation. MFU inspections will be scheduled on Tuesdays. Do not bring the MFU without an appointment. 
  2. Document Submittal - All documents must be submitted together and include the establishment number on all correspondence. To streamline the process, email all documents to [email protected] no less than 5 business days before the appointment. Failure to provide current copies of all documents will result in a re-inspection fee, failed inspection, and re-scheduled appointment. 
    • If the owner does not have a current Texas Driver’s License, provide: 
    • A Certified Food Manager certificate for an employee of the establishment 
    • A State of Texas Sales Tax Permit Taxpayer ID. Contact the Texas Comptroller at or 1-800-252-5555 
    • Valid vehicle registration for truck or tow vehicle and trailer (if applicable) 
    • Valid vehicle insurance for truck or tow vehicle 
    • Copy of the menu 
    • If the MFU will operate at a location for more than 2 hours: 
    • Visit for Operational Permit renewal information. Failure to meet Harris County Fire Marshal Office requirements may result in a reinspection.
  3. Mobile Unit Inspection Appointment - After an appointment request is made, EPH will call within five business days to schedule the permitting inspection appointment. At EPH, the MFU will be inspected by EPH staff and a Harris County Fire Marshall. All equipment on the unit must be functioning at the time of the inspection. If a generator is needed to operate the equipment, it must be brought to the inspection. The owner must be present with his/her current/valid TXDL. If the owner does not have a TXDL, the owner must bring current photographic identification issued by the State of Texas or United States agency and the driver must be present with his/her TXDL. 
  4. Permit Payment - Once the application is received, the operator must purchase the permit and affix the mobile unit medallion to the unit. Current commissary receipts must be kept on the unit during all hours of operation.