School Health Leadership Group (SHLG)





The link between health and learning is well-documented. That’s why HCPH established the School Health Leadership Group (SHLG). Since 2005, the SHLG has convened 3-4 times a year to discuss local public health issues that impact education, state and federal laws and policies related to school health, and evidence-based practices that ultimately impact academic achievement. The topics are selected by members and the meetings are coordinated and facilitated by HCPH. Each meeting’s theme is selected to focus on building capacity of school leadership to affect health-related change in schools.

The HCPH School Health Leadership Group was recognized by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) as a Promising Practice!

February 2015 SHLG meeting theme: Building Healthier Schools featured guest speakers who spoke about their programs that improved school climate or physical environment to improve health.

Who should attend the HCPH School Health Leadership Group?

The SHLG is designed for those who are in a leadership position within their school district and influence or work in/with the following component areas:

Child Nutrition
Employee Wellness
Physical Education/Physical Activity
Counseling, Psychological & Social Services
Health Education
School Environment
Family Engagement
Social & Emotional Climate
Community Involvement
Health Services

Purpose of the HCPH School Health Leadership Group

  1. Build and enhance effective communication and partnerships with school district leaders and stakeholders.
  2. Provide resources, technical support and networking opportunities for school district leaders to promote knowledge of coordinated school health issues, best practices, policies, and laws.
  3. Increase the capacity of district leaders’ skills to create change in their school environment by modifying determinants related to health risk behaviors. To join the HCPH School Health Leadership Group, please contact (713) 439-6082 with your request.

To join the HCPH School Health Leadership Group, please contact (713) 439-6082 with your request.