Our Vision

Elevating public health to the next level.

Our Mission

To cultivate innovative and sustainable ideas that improve the health of communities.

What is PHI LAB?
Public Health Innovations Lab, a vision of Harris County Public Health was launched in January 2018. PHI Lab merges the concepts of innovation labs and business startup accelerator programs with public health practice, keeping in mind the 3 V’s of public health: visibility, value, and validation. We focus on developing novel public health interventions or ideas into sustainable projects that improve the health of our communities. We are an accelerator program designed to help individuals grow their innovative public health ideas into fully functional programs ready to solve problems and transform the health of communities. We provide term-limited funding, an intensive curriculum, in-house support, and access to a growing network of mentors.
What we do at PHI LAB
Let’s face it, implementing your innovative idea is hard, especially the first year when there are limited resources and little or no support, that’s when we come in; we are there for you, together with you, removing barriers in an innovative way.
Mentorship is at the core of PHI LAB, we connect teams with our growing network of mentors to solve problems and transform the health of communities.
Connecting and working with like-minded, mission-driven, innovative individuals including PHI Lab Alumni will become the foundation of your support system. 
Getting funded is a key component to turn your idea into reality. We provide term-limited funding to launch your impactful idea on the path to success. 
Collaborative Space
In addition to an intensive curriculum and in-house support, we also provide a vibrant,interactive physical space, that encourages cross-sector collaboration, creativity, and innovative thinking.



3 Innovative Initiatives – 12 Week curriculum - 20+ Guest Speakers - $181K in funding

Food Donations
Take Out Hunger

Food recovery outreach project to educate retail food establishments on food insecurity in Harris County, safe food donation practices to ensure wholesome foods, and the donation process to connect potential food donors with organizations to store and distribute foods to those in need. This project will result in increased food donations from food establishments and a decrease in the volume of useable food discarded in landfills and elevate awareness of the hunger crisis in Harris County.

For potential collaborations, contact Food Donations Coordinator

[email protected]   


Healthy Aging
Senior Advantage

As people age, the risk of disease and adverse health outcomes increase. Among adults aged 65 and older, chronic disease and injuries are most prevalent, leading to increased healthcare costs, decreased quality of life and death. Senior Advantage offers a community-based, peer-led health promotion session series in chronic disease self-management and fall prevention, including home visits and modifications in an innovative way.

For potential collaborations, contact Dorothy Gibson

[email protected]  


Childhood Asthma

One Breath at a Time

One Breath at a Time has adapted evidence-based curricula from the American Lung Association (Open Airways for Schools and Kickin’ Asthma) to provide children ages 6 -17 with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage their asthma in 6-week educational sessions. The project incorporates home assessments and home modification services, as well as a robust referral procedure with emphasis on linkage to care for its session participants in schools and school-based health centers

For potential collaborations, contact Junelyn Gamao

[email protected]

"Let’s build a healthier community together"

Stephania Alvarez
Food Donations Coordinator

FOOD DONATIONS: Take Out Hunger “The PHI Lab experience is unique and inspirational. That is the only thing you can expect from such a motivated and organized team. I am grateful to the PHI Lab for making the Food Donations program possible and for providing so many great resources to help this program reach its highest potential.”

Dorothy Gibson
Project Specialist

HEALHY AGING: Senior Advantage “The Demo Day Event was an amazing experience.  It felt like a ‘rite of passage’ celebration.  We had laid the foundation and were now presenting our project for public scrutiny. The mentorship that we received in the development phase was outstanding.  I have had many years in public health and have not experienced anything like it. The energy and enthusiasm from the PHI Lab staff is contagious.”

Yesenia Garcia
Team Member 

CHILDHOOD ASTHMA SELF-MANAGEMENT: One Breath at a Time “PHI Lab was such a wonderful learning experience! I faced challenges that I was able to overcome due to the great mentorship provided. There was so much enthusiasm throughout the 12 weeks of the cohort. Positive attitudes and smiles were seen every day, creating an encouraging atmosphere that allowed the chance for creativity to reach its peak performance.”
The Team


This is who we are


William Hudson

Uche Arizor
Team Lead
Antonio Tavera
Radhika Kudchadkar


If you join PHI LAB you will work not only with us, but also meet some of the best people of Harris County Public Health, Mentors, Subject Matter Experts and Guest Speakers. Like them, you will become part of the fabric of Public Health making a meaningful difference together.

Apply to join the Accelerator
The original accelerator program, PHI LAB 1.0 is open to Harris County Public Health staff only. Aligned with organizational values, the PHI Lab Accelerator Program provides the space and opportunity to disrupt traditional public health practice and inspire creative solutions for the needs of the Harris County residents we serve. Full-time and contract staff in any Harris County Public Health Division or Office may apply with innovative ideas for projects that the health department could bring to life, using new approaches.

The application period for the second cohort is now closed!

With PHI LAB 2.0, anyone from anywhere wanting to impact Harris County community can apply. The goal of PHI LAB 2.0 is to promote and support public health innovation throughout the Houston-Harris County area. We want to encourage undergraduate and graduate students, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs with novel public health ideas and solutions to apply. If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you.

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