Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing the best prevention services to the Harris County communities. We pride ourselves in HCPH’s cornerstone values of innovation, engagement, and equity. Our friendly and caring staff are available to provide counsel on PrEP, STIs, HIV, condom use, and more.

Risk Reduction Specialist (RRS)

Our RRSs conduct Syphilis and HIV screenings, review your level of risk to acquire HIV/STIs, and provide personalized counseling based on your risk. Our RRSs not only provide excellent service but are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of sexual health.

Linkage to Care Specialist

The program has established relationships with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Legacy Community Health, and St. Hope Foundation to provide HIV-related medical care. Our Linkage to Care Specialist refers clients to medical providers for HIV treatment. They make sure you have the resources to begin or be relinked to treatment services.

Social Media Specialist

Our Social Media Specialist is experienced in marketing, digital design, and content creation. They manage our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and dating applications outreach.

Community Advisory Board

The CAB is made up of individuals across Harris and Montgomery County identified to have experience in HIV prevention. The purpose of the CAB is to advise HCPH’s HIV prevention activities and develop partnerships with organizations to help propel outreach efforts.