Environmental and Industrial Health

The Built Environment (BE) Unit of Harris County Public Health launched the Environmental and Industrial Health (EIH) Program in May 2021. The EIH program works to protect the health of Harris County residents and workers by creating resources and engaging with stakeholders to address public health impacts of industry and in preparation for environmental public health disasters that involve the release of hazards into the environment. Additionally, the EIH program provides subject-matter-expertise during the ongoing response of environmental public health disasters.

The Environmental & Industrial Health (EIH) Program fills gaps not captured by other industry groups or state and local government agencies. Our goal is to provide a framework that connects relevant stakeholders to essential information and data that can be used for real time use, analysis, record-keeping, evaluation, and planning. Through environmental and occupational health monitoring and analysis, HCPH EIH and its partners help fortify local environmental and industrial health infrastructure. These efforts not only help improve overall public health for Harris County but also create a model for policy and program implementation that can be scaled and replicated nationwide.

The three objectives of this program are:

  • To build environmental and industrial health capacity within the Built Environment Unit.
  • To build working relationships with partner government agencies, public health organizations, and industry representatives.
  • To build greater capacity for HCPH to respond to disasters and address environmental public health impacts resulting from local industry.

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