Authorities & Mandates
Key Requirements
[Provide Essential Public Health Services

Provide personal health promotion and maintenance services; infectious disease control and prevention services; environmental and consumer health programs; public health education and information services; laboratory services; and administrative services

[Perform Health Authority Duties

Administer state and local laws relating to public health

[Report Notifiable Conditions
Receive reports of notifiable conditions and report them to TDSHS
[Enforce Animal Cruelty/Disposition of Cruelly-Treated Animals Regulations
Enforce and apply state standards and regulations regarding animal cruelty and disposition of cruelly treated animals
[Enforce Animal Regulations
Regulate and permit dangerous dog and dangerous wild animals. Administer pet licensing program, enforce leash laws and prohibit roadside sale of animals.
[Provide Rabies Eradication and Control Services
Investigate animal-to-people bites. Enforce rabies vaccination/quarantine requirements and standards
[Meet Animal Shelter and Euthanasia Standards
Ensure that the County animal shelter meets or exceeds state standards for animal shelters and euthanasia
[Provide Dog and Cat Sterilization Services
Ensure that pets adopted from the County animal shelter are neutered
[Provide Mosquito Control Services

Provide surveillance, education and control of mosquito-borne disease in compliance with State licensure requirements and regulations regarding pesticide/herbicide application

[Enforce Food Safety Regulations

Permit and inspect food establishments to ensure compliance with state regulations

[Enforce Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Law

Abate public nuisances through owner notification and prosecution

[Enforce Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
Enforce state standards and regulations
[Enforce Public Drinking Water Regulations
Inspect public drinking water systems to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations
[Enforce Swimming Pool Regulations
Inspect public swimming pools to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations
[Comply with TPDES Pesticides General Permit

Minimize discharges resulting from application of pesticides to waters of the U.S.; prepare and maintain a Pesticide Discharge Management Plan

[Enforce Litter Abatement Law
Monitor the disposal of litter and investigate illegal dumping activities to ensure compliance with state rules and regulations
[Ensure Privacy of Protected Health Information

Ensures application of HIPAA privacy and confidentiality standards for protected health information, including those related to electronic health records.

[Perform Emergency Preparedness and Response Activities

Prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and disasters.