Public Health Preparedness & Response Division


Harris County Public Health (HCPH) is the primary agency responsible for protecting the public's health in the event of a widespread public health emergency within Harris County. A public health emergency can be defined as either a natural or man-made event that causes a serious long-term disability or results in a high risk of fatalities  to large numbers of people.

The Public Health Preparedness and Response Division (PHPRD) within HCPH develops and implements a comprehensive, department-wide approach to prepare the community of Harris County to safely respond to and recover from public health emergencies. The division ensures an effective, coordinated response to terrorist attacks, disease outbreaks and weather-related disasters.

One of the largest natural disasters in our history devastated the majority of Harris county in August, 2017: Hurricane Harvey. For resources on future preparation and coping after the disaster, go here.

For more information, contact:

Harris County Public Health
Public Health Preparedness and Response Division
1111 Fannin St
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713.439.6179

Main Switchboard: 

How you can prepare for emergencies:


PHPRD responses and activities:

  • Responses
      • Zika, Ebola, H1N1, Hurricane Katrina sheltering (responses within the last five years)
    • Activities
      • Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER): an assessment of a community's level of emergency preparedness

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