Office of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Evaluation


The Office of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Evaluation (OESE) enhances Harris County Public Health’s ability to detect problems, monitor the health of the community, and evaluate programs and services.

Our Epidemiologists monitor and respond to notifiable infectious disease occurrences. As well as, educating the public, and collaborating with internal and external partners on health concerns within Harris County. Surveillance data gives HCPH direct insight into threats to population health. Applying the science to the data we collect allows us to confidently make decisions to benefit the community.

In alignment with our HCPH values, Evaluation in public health improves accountability and effectiveness of our programs and services through an ethical and data-driven lens. These three branches come together to form the foundation of precision public health, allowing HCPH to confidently make decisions to improve your health and well-being in Harris County.

For more information, contact:
Harris County Public Health Office of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Evaluation
2223 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027

Main Switchboard:

Communicable Disease Surveillance & Reporting - Epidemiology
  • Monday to Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.:
    (713) 439-6000
    Ask for Epidemiologist on Call 
  • After Hours & Weekends:
    (713) 755-5050 

OESE Services and Programs
Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit

The Surveillance and Epidemiology unit (SEU) houses the epidemiologists, or "disease detectives." SEU staff investigate diseases, analyze trends and respond to outbreaks. They also collect and analyze data for other important population health metrics such as infant mortality, cancer rates, obesity rates and drug overdose rates. Also, SEU staff combine surveillance data with social determinants of health data to provide HCPH with a more complete picture to address health problems that have been unmanageable.

Technology and Innovation Unit

The Technology and Innovation unit (TIU) delivers innovations such as the development and deployment of HCPH mobile units to underserved areas of Harris County and successful deployment of Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT), serving patients with tuberculosis. This team provides innovative, technological solutions to difficult problems. Once problems have been identified, TIU staff will apply their technical expertise to create sustainable solutions.

Research and Science Unit

The Research and Science unit (RSU) improves scientific output in HCPH. They provide assistance for staff to grow and develop professionally and academically. RSU staff support the department with publishing and presenting at academic conferences.

Our Mission:

A center of excellence integrating Science, Surveillance/Epidemiology, and Technology to advance public health activities and related services to HCPH and the community.