Harris County Lead Programs


Harris County Public Health is committed to making our communities lead-safe by removing the dangers of lead from homes. Through the office of Environmental Public Health, HCPH has developed programs that are geared toward lead safety that provide education, testing for children under the age of 6 and pregnant women, and in some cases lead remediation.

Too much lead in someone’s home can bring an array of health problems to children and adults. Lead poisoning is common for pregnant mothers and children under the age of six in houses built before 1978. Older homes that have chipped or peeling paint often provide the greatest risk for families and individuals who choose to remodel their older homes are at an increased risk as well.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Harris County’s child-lead testing is available for children under the age of 6 and pregnant women. Walk-in appointments are available at our mobile sites below. For more information and resources, visit the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention page.

Lead Hazard Control Program

The Environmental Public Health Division is committed to eliminating lead-based paint hazards. The Lead Hazard Control Program provides a number of resources, educational information and certain residents can qualify for FREE lead-removal home makeovers.

Visit the Lead Hazard Hazard Control Program page to learn more and see if you qualify for this program or other lead safety offers.