Division Core Functions and Activities

The CHVPS divisions' strategic plan includes actionable goals, objectives, and strategies that will prioritize the responsibilities of the Division, leverage existing resources, and address gaps identified in the piloted service areas.

Our goals are to:

  1. Improve community health and safety through reduction in gun violence and connection to health-based resources for residents facing urgent adverse situations involving behavioral health and social welfare.
  2. Increase the availability of health-based, holistic approaches that advance community health and safety in the County and integrate Division programs into a network of community-based services to support behavioral health and meet residents’ basic needs.
  3. Increase collaboration and coordination with health and safety agency partners to address gaps in safety-net service delivery access and impact.
  4. Reduce utilization of an over-reliance on the criminal legal system in situations that are based on health and social welfare concerns.

Develop and grow public health-informed initiatives to increase overall community health and safety, and to stop the spread of community violence

Promote data-driven and data-sharing strategies including identifying common definitions, and clarification of roles and responsibilities across collaborating agencies.

Increase transparency and create accessible avenues for community engagement in program development and oversight.

The Division will house at least two initiatives in its first year: a Gun Violence Interruption Program; and the Holistic Assistance Responder Team (HART).