Integrated Family Planning Opioid Response Program (IFPOR)

The IFPOR is a linkage to care and prevention program to address the opioid crisis under the Texas Targeted Opioid Response program (TTOR). It is a state of Texas grant funded program, which strategies’ span the behavioral health continuum of care funding prevention, treatment and/or recovery support services. These include medication-assisted treatment, peer recovery coaching, disposal of prescription drugs, and overdose-related emergency response services. Those who benefit from IFPOR services include people with opioid use disorder, their family members, significant others, and supportive allies who are affected by opioid use. The IFPOR program aims to address the opioid crisis by reducing unmet treatment needs and opioid overdose-related deaths through its evidence-based programming.

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Our Promise

Harris County Public Health is working with key partners in the community to support you in reaching your goal of substance usage harm reduction. The medical comprehensive services are free. You can take control of your life and start fresh. Harris County Public Health is here to provide you with all the resources needed for a full recovery.

You have landed at the right place. You are making the right decision.

If you or a loved one are struggling with opioid dependence, it is essential you get the right assistance promptly. Take the first step and contact us. We take the next steps to support your commitment. Your commitment is the key to your success to design the life that you deserve. 

Identify an Overdose and Save a Life

An overdose is life-threatening and requires immediate emergency attention. Recognizing is the first step in reversing an overdose. A person may be overdosing if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Their face is extremely pale and/or feels clammy to the touch
  • Their body goes limp
  • Their fingernails or lips have a purple or blue color
  • They start vomiting or making gurgling noises
  • They cannot be awakened or are unable to speak
  • Their breathing or heartbeat slows or stops

If they exhibit any of these symptoms call 911 immediately. If the person has stopped breathing, begin CPR. If Narcan/Naloxone is available in the vicinity, take the necessary steps to administer the dose.