Strategic Plan 2023-2027


Harris County continues to evolve. Its rapid growth – especially in suburban areas – and long-time global presence have transformed its demographics into one of most diverse in the country. This change, accompanied by natural or man-made disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic and other threats, have also produced new challenges and escalated existing ones, many of which impact the county’s most vulnerable people.

To address these issues and improve the health and well-being of all residents by 2027, Harris County Public is pleased to introduce its five-year Strategic Plan. The plan focuses on four strategic priorities that serve as HCPH’s core foundation to lessen disparities among populations, expanding access to HCPH’s services and resources, and raise the quality of these amenities. It underscores HCPH’s commitment to its mission of building a healthier, safer, and more livable Harris County for generations to follow.

Strategic Priorities

The four guiding priorities of the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan include the following:

Health Equity

HCPH will advance health equity through the identification and mitigation of health disparities impacting individual and community health.

Health Protection

HCPH is committed to assuring health protection, responding to environmental and disease threats, and strengthening the community’s resiliency against those threats.

Health Promotion

HCPH promotes and provides wellness, health, and social services to improve health and reduce the incidence of chronic disease.

Operational Excellence

HCPH will achieve operational excellence, maximizing available resources, monitoring program and service effectiveness, and strengthening interagency relationships in areas of shared importance.

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2023-2027 Strategic Plan