Cornerstone Values


In order to sustain a healthy and vibrant community, Harris County Public Health embraces a foundation of progressive work that is anchored by the department’s three cornerstone values – Innovation, Engagement and Equity. By investing in multiple sectors of the community through its work with public and private partners, HCPH maintains a long-term commitment to optimizing the health of Harris County residents. It’s our way of providing quality solutions to better serve you.


HCPH recognizes that forward-thinking concepts, methodologies and technologies to complement our tried-and-true practices are essential to sustain the health, safety and well-being of Harris County residents. Innovation helps us to address critical needs of the community and bring Harris County to the forefront of public health.

Examples of our recent innovative efforts include:


We recognize the need to improve our engagement with the community through our own departmental investments in mobile service delivery and tools.

Some of these services include:


HCPH believes that every person should have the opportunity to achieve their best health. However, we know that not everyone has the same opportunity to be healthy; things like education, race/ethnicity, income, the environment in which individuals live (Built Environment), among other factors, all affect health.

From an equity perspective, HCPH has invested in its own workforce so its staff members understand the work they do has a key role in ensuring “upstream” solutions to “downstream” problems in the community.

Disease prevention is far more cost-effective and a key to the success of any system. This equity-based approach employs the notion that “health happens where one lives, learns, works, worships, and plays.”