Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

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About Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 

WIC is a federally-funded public health nutrition program, administered through the Texas Department of State Health Services, that provides assistance to Women, Infants and Children up to age 5. WIC provides:

1. Nutrition Education
2. Breastfeeding Promotion and Support
3. Healthy Foods
4. Referrals to Health and Social Service Programs

WIC Contact Information:

Administration: (713) 439-6145
Fax: (713) 439-6309
Appointment Line: (713) 407-5800
Texas WIC: (800) 942-3678

1. When is my next appointment?
WIC schedules appointments three months in advance at each visit. Your next appointment date can be located on your Benefit Issuance receipt or you may call the Harris County WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800 to retrieve your next scheduled appointment date.
2. What time is my appointment?
Please contact the Harris County Public Health WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800 to retrieve your appointment time.
3. Why don't I have benefits on my card?
At each WIC visit food benefits are placed on the WIC card for the following three months and an appointment is scheduled for the last month of benefits placed on your card at that time. If you missed a scheduled WIC appointment a delay in your monthly benefits may occur and a scheduled WIC appointment for benefit retrieval is needed. Please contact the Harris County WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800 for more information.
4. What's the number to report my card lost?
To report your WIC card lost or stolen please call 1 (800) 942-3678.
5. Which location is the closest one to me?
To locate your closest WIC office please contact the Harris County Public Health WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800. You may also access this information here.
6. What is the address of my WIC location?
You may access that information here.
7. What are the hours of operation?
You may access that information here.
8. Do I have to bring my children to the WIC appointment?
The WIC program requires all children being serviced to be present at the following appointment types: certification, sub-certification, mid-certification, special formula, and appointments with the Registered Dietitian. You do not have to bring your children to the class appointments. Please contact the Harris County Public Health WIC Call Center if you have additional questions.
9. Where do I go to take my class online?
To take your WIC class online please go to www.texaswic.org
10. Why do I need a prescription form to change my baby's formula?
Texas WIC currently issues Similac Advance and Gerber Goodstart Soy formula without a Texas WIC Medical Request Form. All formulas outside of the above listed contract formulas require a Texas WIC Medical Request Form from the child’s Health Care Provider. Click Here for the form. If you have questions for a nutritionist, please contact the Harris County Public Health WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800.
11. Do I need an appointment to change my food package?
Yes, to make any changes to your WIC Food Package please contact the Harris County WIC Call Center at (713) 407-5800 to schedule your appointment.
12. Why do I have to wait a long time to pick up my WIC card?
All WIC cards that are reported lost or stolen will take 7-10 business days for the WIC state agency to reissue a new WIC card.
13. Does WIC provide emergency formula?
WIC does not provide emergency formula but referrals for local Food Pantries are available for food and formula assistance. Contact the Harris County Public Health Call Center at (713) 407-5800 for more information.
14. What food benefits will I receive?
To view the WIC Food Package benefits please visit your local WIC Office or the Texas Department of State Health Services WIC website.
15. Does WIC work like Food stamps?
No, The WIC Program is a supplemental nutrition program that provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support and referrals for various agencies according to the client’s needs. WIC provides an EBT card to retrieve the assigned food benefits at WIC vendor locations. Clients are allowed to use food benefits that are available for the current month only. Any food items that are not retrieved from the WIC EBT card by the end of the current month will not roll over to the following month.
16. Are the clinics open on weekends?
Yes, the clinics are mainly open the 3rd Saturday of each month from 8am-5pm. Please contact the Harris County WIC Call Center to schedule an appointment at (713) 407-5800.
17. What stores can I go to get my benefits from?
WIC benefits can be retrieved at all approved groceries stores or vendors that accept WIC EBT cards.
18. How many cans of formula do I get with WIC?
The Texas WIC Program provides formula quantities based on the infant’s age and mother's breastfeeding status. WIC offers each client the maximum amount of formula that the program provides. Alterations to formula quantity are made upon client’s request. To speak with a nutritionist, call (713) 407-5800.
19. If I am breastfeeding, will I be able to get a breast pump?
Yes, WIC staff provides support to all breastfeeding clients. Each breastfeeding client is assessed and the appropriate breast pump will be provided. If you are pregnant and currently have health insurance, you may contact your health plan to receive a breast pump before your baby arrives.
20. Can I get formula if I breastfeed?
Yes, WIC provides formula supplements to breastfeeding clients upon request.
21. If I am not working, what do I take for Income?
Please contact the Harris County Public Health Call Center for instructions on WIC approved documents regarding income.
22. Do I have to be US resident to get WIC?
No, U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for WIC Eligibility.
23. Will I have to pay WIC benefits back?
No, Food Benefits are free to all eligible participants.
24. How long will my appointment take?
Appointment wait times vary depending on the appointment type and daily clinic flow. Certification appointments are estimated 1hr and 30 minutes for one participant and 30 minutes for each additional participant certifying. Class appointments taken at the clinic are estimated to last for 1 hr. All other scheduled appointments may vary.
25. Do I need to take my WIC card to every appointment?
Yes, the WIC EBT card is required at each WIC appointment for identification and benefit issuance.
26. How late can I be to my appointment?
Harris County Public Health WIC clinics ask that all clients arrive to each appointment on time, however, we do our best to accommodate all of our clients who need additional time to come to their appointment. Please contact the Call Center at (713) 407-5800 if you need to reschedule your appointment.
27. Can I use my WIC card to take my children to the Zoo?
Active WIC clients are eligible for a discount at the Houston Zoo. Appropriate documents must be provided upon arrival. Please contact the Houston Zoo at (713) 533-6500.
28. Does WIC offer transportation?
For more information on riding METRO to our locations, go to www.ridemetro.org or call (713) 435-4000.