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Have you lost a pet?
  • Start your search immediately, don't wait to make flyers.
  • Contact all possible animal control or animal welfare agencies in the area.  Visit each location at least every other day. 
  • Call your pet's veterinarian and the microchip company to make sure they have current contact information for you.  A citizen may try to call the veterinarian's office or microchip company themselves from your pet's tags. 
  • Call all the veterinarians in your area to alert them to the description of your lost pet in case someone brings it to their clinic.
  • Check with your neighbors, especially families with children, and ask if they've seen a pet that looks like yours.
  • Search your neighborhood on foot, your pet maybe be nearby but is injured and unable to get back home. 
  • Leave a towel or article of clothing with your scent on it outside of your home.  Your pet may be disorientated and will be attracted by your scent.
  • Helpful lost pet websites
Have you found a pet?
  • First, think of the animal as lost and not abandoned and make every effort to reunite the animal to an owner
  • Contact our offices by telephone and report the animal as found
  • Bring the animal to our facility or check with a local veterinarian to scan the animal for a microchip
  • Return to the place where you found the animal and put up a found pet poster near that location
  • If you find the owner, especially off a newspaper or website posting, ask them to provide a picture of the animal and meet in a public place like a police station. 
  • Helpful found a pet websites
More information about Microchips & Microchip companies
  • A microchip is a small device (size of a grain of rice) that is permanent and implanted with a needle under the skin of pets. 
  • Pets do not have to be given any pain medication or anesthesia to implant a microchip. 
  • Microchips are not likely to move or need repair if implanted correctly. 
  • Microchips, when scanned, show a unique code.  The microchip must be registered with the corresponding microchip manufacture to record any owner and animal data. 
  • Microchips do not work like GPS locators or LoJack and cannot give a signal to find the location of your lost pet.
Microchips/Microchip Registration

We can microchip your pet at our shelter see Fees/Fines for pricing.