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HCPH Veterinary Public Health provides free education and outreach services to the citizens of unincorporated Harris County.

If you are interested in scheduling one of our education programs, please contact us by calling (281) 999-3191 and asking for the education section.  For more details each education program available is listed below, click on the email link provided. 

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Educational Programs

Corporate Safety

Designed for the adult working group, this 45-minute program is especially important to professions at a high risk of injury from domestic animals such as meter readers, cable installers, or postal carriers.  Formatted to fit within a standard corporate safety meeting, we use interactive discussion and visual aids to clarify safe behaviors when dealing with animals in the field.  

Email to request more information about Corporate Safety presentations

Elementary Education

Free animal safety and bite prevention presentations are offered for kids in grades K-5 which consists of a lecture, audio/visual and interactive segments.  The objective is for students to list the five high-risk, wild animal carriers of rabies, verbally state the common method of rabies transmission, and demonstrate safety behaviors used  to defend against an animal attack.   

Email to request more information about Animal Safety and Bite Prevention presentations

Law Enforcement Education

If you are a member of the law enforcement community within Harris County, on-site educational programs are offered specifically with you in mind.   

Animal Law 101 (From Pit Bulls to Rabies, Protecting your Community) is offered several times a year through the Harris County Sheriff's Academy and is approved for TCLEOSE hours.  Contact the Sheriff's Academy for the next scheduled program (281) 436-2900. 

Email to request more information about Law Enforcement presentations

Shelter Tours

Tours of HCPH Veterinary Public Health can be scheduled Monday through Saturday for up to 30 people.  Information includes animal safety, rabies prevention, and responsible pet ownership.  Shelter tours are available by appointment only.  

Email to request more information about Shelter Tours

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