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Our job is to tell the Harris County Public Health story—a diverse narrative comprising people, place and experience that defines Harris County and provide support to HCPH amid a growing population.

The Office of Communications, Education & Engagement utilizes a comprehensive approach to support and advance the goals and overall mission of HCPH – to build a Healthy Harris County. We do this by a wide range of communication methods, such as through all forms of media, public health campaigns, creation of educational materials, and marketing of our local programs in your neighborhood area. We want to educate, empower our Harris County residents so that they can make the best health decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Communication is a vital part of health literacy. As part of the communication process, we work with all our partners to ensure all information is culturally and linguistically relevant and is in plain-language, so that everyone can access and understand our information the first time they read it.

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We love working with our community! Do you want to learn more about us, invite us to speak or attend an event.

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Harris County Public Health
Office of Communication, Education & Engagement
2223 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027

Media Requests Office Number:
(713) 439-6246

Elizabeth Perez
Director, Office of Communication, Education & Engagement

Sandy Kachur
Senior Public Information Officer

Martha Marquez
Bilingual Media Specialist

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